African medicine

West African Medicine

Have you ever been curious about West African medicine? Would you like to know more about this centuries-old practice? Very few in the West know much about West Africa, its religious and spiritual practices, and the unique form of African medicine which developed as a result. We are presently in the process of adding more information about African medicine to our website. Although a few foreigners have been allowed to investigate aspects of Ifa medicine, Dr. Grotte was the first physician in the West to be given permission to study these subjects in depth.

Disease can be considered in Ifa medicine as a disorder or misalignment of the internal or external milieu of the patient. Part of the role of the physician is to align the patient with the matrix of influences that will rebalance their particular disorder. Sometimes also, a disorder develops as a result of losing or ignoring a relationship with a matrix of influence.

Utilizing non familiar forms of diagnosis, such as divination and dream interpretation, in addition to the traditional format of questioning, observation and touching, the Ifa physician may use familiar techniques of dietary therapy, psychotherapy, surgery, and herbal medicine, but may also perform exorcisms, rituals, sacrifices and other procedures which seem more the province of priests than physicians.

In fact, Ifa physicians are often priests, priestesses, or high priests, or belong to a guild-like society hidden within tribal boundaries, completely secret to the outside world. In Ifa communities, even obtaining an education in medicine may require becoming an initiate of one of these societies.

The high priests interpret the factors surrounding a patient's misalignment by means of their connection to the various oracles of the religion. These reveal themselves through divinatory activity of the priests and an elaborate corpus of oral tradition that interprets the divinatory symbols.

The world view of the Ifa priest involves training and discipline to interpret events that are indicative of the nature of the patients alignment internally with their own conscious and unrecognized issues, as well as with a variety of external forces and beings which inhabit our realm and require the inner vision and wisdom of the priest to interpret.

Dr. L.B. Grotte, M.D., was the first physician in the United States to be permitted to study the Ifa system of medicine in depth, and was also the first physician in Ohio to be board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. He has studied Oriental medicine since 1972 and has practiced Oriental medicine in Cleveland for more than 25 years. Our small practice specializes in creating individualized treatment plans combining Western and Oriental methods. Call us at 440-461-7488 or visit our website for more information, or to make an appointment.

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