healing mantras of Balinese medicine

Healing Mantra in Balinese Medicine

Have you ever been curious about Balinese medicine and the methods by which mantras are used for treatment and healing? Would you like to know more about this centuries-old practice? Very few in the West know much about Bali, its religious and spiritual practices, and the unique form of Balinese medicine which developed as a result. If you want to learn more about Balinese medicine, Donna J. Morris speaks from her experience in an article on Balinese medicine at our website.

Balinese medicine is a unique system whose origins stem from many Asian countries and has been uniquely integrated by the Balinese. It has strong parallels with African medicine, Tibetan medicine and Chinese medicine, as well as the Ayurvedic medicine of India. In Bali, many factors are thought to contribute to disease. In addition to emotional and physical disorders, Balinese medicine addresses attention to the invisible realms around us to deal with complex spiritual and psychological disorders.

Common to many traditional medical systems, those who practice Balinese medicine believe that there are other realms beyond our senses, where disorders may arise. Although this perspective is not generally found in modern Western thought, it is clear that our senses are limited in many ways. There are sections of the light spectrum which we cannot see, and sounds which are above or below our sensory range. Our sense of smell, though extremely powerful, pales in comparison with the capabilities of our pet dogs. Some Western physicians arrogantly assume that only what we can detect by our senses is "real", but before the advent of microscopes and sophisticated electronic sensors, even the world of bacteria and viruses was once believed to be imaginary. It was not that long ago that physicians who advocated handwashing to prevent disease were ostracized and disparaged by the medical establishment. So, it would be pretentious to dismiss out of hand the possibility of disease eminating from areas which we have not yet explored.

Also unique to Balinese medicine is the extensive use of mantra to assist in the healing process. You can find more about this at the page on Balinese medicine at our website. You may also find material of interest on Chinese Medicine, African medicine, and herbal medicine, along with Japanese acupuncture and Chinese acupuncture at our site.

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