African (Ifa) medicine

The West African Medicine of Ifa

Have you ever been curious about West African medicine? Would you like to know more about this centuries-old practice? Very few in the West know much about West Africa, its religious and spiritual practices, and the unique form of African medicine which developed as a result. Although a few foreigners have been allowed to investigate aspects of Ifa medicine, Dr. Grotte was the first physician in the West to be given permission to study these subjects in depth.

As with most orthodox systems of religion, practitioners of Ifa embed themselves in a complex system of tribal and cultural obligations, which determine not only the viewpoint of the practitioner regarding external phenomenon, but also immutably affirms the connection between human beings and the world around them.

In parallel with Taoism, education in Ifa creates an appreciation that the individual cannot be removed from the matrix of relationships which extend beyond those of humanity and the animal realm. Within this tribal system, the web of influences of natural cycles of the day, season, and phase of life surround the patient. Subtle influences from the plant world and realms of sentient beings, which find their abode in the wind, the earth, the sky, and other places, are accepted realities to the Ifa herbalist and physician.

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