preventative medicine is the focus of Chinese medicine

Preventative Medicine

The Oriental systems of traditional medicine emphasize early diagnosis and treatment to address disorders before they become serious. In the West, preventative medicine is widely appreciated, but aside from vaccination, physicians are taught very little about dietary and restorative techniques to improve health and prevent disease.

Modern medicine is unable to diagnose disorders at a stage when they present with subtle signs and symptoms. What passes for preventative medicine is in actuality early screening for disease. Although this can be valuable, it pales in value when compared with preventing a problem entirely.

The Chinese and Tibetan systems of medicine emphasize understanding the root causes of disorders, and intervention by the physician to correct unhealthy tendencies is of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, in our society, patients rarely seek out medical advice at the early stages of a disorder, hoping that the condition will perhaps "just go away". By the time that symptoms are alarming and physiology has been seriously deranged, powerful and risky treatments are the usual standard of care.

Oriental medical practitioners will more often teach the patient dietary therapy, meditative therapy, and will utilize techniques which elicit our inherent healing abilities, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. These techniques also present less risk than pharmacologic therapy or surgery. But, it is important to realize that the patient must take responsibility to change those behaviors which contribute to the problem, and adhere to the necessary restrictions and suggestions provided by the physician.

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