Sufi medicine, unani-tibb

Sufi Medicine

One of the most important medical traditions of the middle East is Sufi medicine. The practices of the Sufis are not well known in the West, and their secrets have been taught to only a few individuals outside the Islamic tradition. Carefully guarded and passed on only within families, almost no physicians in the West have any knowledge on this subject, whatsoever.

Yet, within the tradition of Sufi medicine is the skillful blending of plant essences known as attars, which are the foundation of all aromatherapy. The powerful effect of various aromas on the spiritual and physical state have been brought to the highest level in Sufi medicine over centuries of practice and study.

Advanced dietary therapy and suggestions for everyday meals and cooking to prevent disorders is another important aspect of Sufi medicine, which is known as "unani-tibb" in India. Unani medicine is based on the Greek medical system, and, like other Oriental medicines, theorizes that imbalances create problems in internal components known as "humors".

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