tibetan medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan medicine originated in Central Asia and has much in common with the Ayurvedic medicine of India. For at least 1200 years, generations of patients and physicians have depended on Tibetan medicine for preventative care and basic medical treatment. A fundamental aspect of Tibetan medicine is the practice of meditation, and these practices help many sorts of complex spiritual and psychological disorders.

Unfortunately, with the destruction of the Tibetan culture, many aspects of their ancient system of medicine are being lost. Needing to address modern problems of a refugee population in an unfamiliar land, modern Tibetan physicians are not being trained in the old ways, and the older generations of physicians are increasingly frail. Along with many others, Tibetan physicans were tortured or killed by Chinese invaders, and those who remain in Tibet are not permitted to practice in the old ways, inasmuch as spiritual practices are forbidden by the modern Chinese state.

The ancient masters of medicine knew that each person needs individualized evaluation and treatment of body and spirit. Very few modern physicians have the training and skill to diagnose and treat spiritual disorders, but this is the central focus of Tibetan medicine.

Even though a superficial fascination with Tibetan culture has become common in the United States, almost no Western physicians have any knowledge of the rich heritage of Tibetan medicine, and even fewer have any experience in this area.

Dr. L.B. Grotte, M.D., was the first physician in Ohio to be board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. He has studied Oriental medicine since 1972 and has practiced Oriental medicine in Cleveland for more than 27 years. Our small practice specializes in creating individualized treatment plans combining Western and Oriental methods. Call us at 440-461-7488 to make an appointment or visit our website for more information.

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