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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine, sometimes called "TCM", is a rarely mastered art that has become popular in Europe and the Far East. More Western physicians and patients are also exploring this system of treatment. For more than 2500 years, generations of patients and physicians have depended on traditional Chinese medicine for preventative care and basic medical treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine also helps to deal with complex disorders in your body that are hard to classify using Western based disease categories.

Historically, physicians in the United States have been trained to believe in the reality of a 19th century view of the body's systems and disease. This has strongly influenced the job descriptions and boundaries of practice for modern practitioners. As knowledge has advanced, it is clear that these categories are obsolete, and this has resulted in inefficient diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common diseases.

For example, despite the fact that patients with heart disease are often depressed, cardiologists are not trained to recognize and treat this problem. Another physician specialist, often a psychiatrist, or an internist is recruited to treat the disorder, if it is not ignored entirely. And, despite the fact that mental disorders can be the precursor to cardiac disease, this link is rarely addressed in so called "primary" care.

In traditional Chinese medicine, a variety of so called mood and "psychological" imbalances are well known to be associated with structural and energetic disorders of the cardiovascular system, and traditional practitioners are trained to recognize and treat these in a more efficient, holistic fashion.

In very similar ways, our medical education and specialty system has proven itself incapable of addressing the complex sort of problems which most people actually suffer, and the fantasy that a single diagnosis or treatment is a solution to multifaceted disorders that affect multiple organ systems is widespread within the research and education industries.

Unfortunately, because there are so many economically vested reasons for maintaining the present system, it is unlikely that any progress will be made to create a truly responsive medical system. A study of the traditional Oriental medical systems reveals that these systems are in many ways more scientifically and clinically valid than present practices in the U.S. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are results-driven, unlike the procedure-driven modern medical system. This is why so many patients have chosen traditional Chinese medicine for decades.

Dr. L.B. Grotte, M.D., was the first physician in Ohio to be board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. He has studied Oriental medicine since 1972 and has practiced Oriental medicine in Cleveland for more than 35 years. Our small practice specializes in creating individualized treatment plans combining Western and Oriental methods. Call us at 440-461-7488 to make an appointment or visit our website for more information.

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