unani medicine

Unani Medicine

Have you ever wondered what happened to the rich medical tradition which developed in Greece? Actually, it has been practiced continually since ancient times and it is known in the regions around India as Unani medicine, or sometimes as Unani-Tibb. Very few in the West know much about Unani medicine and the role that Sufi practice has played in shaping this traditional practice within Islamic tradition. The traditions of Unani medicine have not been generally known by outsiders, so it is remarkable when any physician has been given access to these secret traditions. The most senior and well known of these practitioners in the United States is the head of the Chishti order of Sufis in America, Shakyh Hakim Moinuddin al-Chishti.

One of the most interesting insights of the Unani system is the science of cooking in order to create the tastes and smells which will rebalance the bodily components, known from ancient times as "humours". In common with Greek, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and African medicine, the ideal is to "let food be your medicine". Not only what we eat, but who we eat with and under which conditions contribute to the healthfulness or harmfulness of the food. The complex understandings that Unani medicine brings to the tastes and energies of plants enables the Hakim to formulate herbal remedies, and contributes to a unique tradition of aromatherapy using the famous attars of the East.

In common with Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda, Unani Tibb utilizes examination of the pulses, tongue, and various psycho-physical and spiritual components during the process of developing a treatment regimen. In common with Islamic discipline, the physician must also maintain a level of good character and personal spiritual practice to achieve the sensitivity necessary to discriminate the subtle aspects of diagnosis.

Dr. L.B. Grotte, M.D., was the first physician in Ohio to be board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. He has studied Oriental medicine since 1972 and has practiced Oriental medicine in Cleveland for more than 27 years. Our small practice specializes in creating individualized treatment plans combining Western and Oriental methods. Call us at 440-461-7488 to make an appointment or visit our website for more information.

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