If You Don't Live in the Greater Cleveland Area

If you don't live within a roughly 30 minute drive of my office, I suggest that you try to find a practitioner closer to you. Although patients have traveled many hundreds of miles for a consultation, it is not practical to have regular treatments and follow up when living so far away. It is also not particularly helpful for the effect of the treatment if there is a harrowing or difficult travel back home.

Residents of Cleveland also know that in winter, even 20 miles might be a difficult journey to make on a regular basis. So, you should try to find someone local who you can rely upon. Treatments may be necessary on a weekly or twice weekly basis for several months for some conditions. Some chronic conditions may require long periods of treatment.

It is best to ask your personal physician for a referral, or possibly inquire of friends or relatives if they have been satisfied with the care of a particular practitioner. For suggestions regarding some of the considerations to keep in mind while evaluating a traditionally trained physician, see my advice on Choosing a Practitioner.